Result 5
Effectiveness research of microlearning

It is the result 5. The effectiveness research of microlearning is based on NOOC which allows to advance a new way of learning through microlessons and in open environments. It will make it possible to reinforce new teaching methods on the basis of reliable scientific results.

This result is coordinated by Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) (Spain)

It is a scientific publication required to make known to the scientific community the results obtained at the end of the project. The goal will be to study the effectiveness of microlearning based on NOOC. It is necessary to know if working with microlearning based on NOOC really has a scientific basis as a learning and teaching model.

Output Description
Throughout the project, data on the different iterations will be collected and a more detailed study will be carried out during the last six months. It will be the result of collaborative work between all partners.

Impact and Transferability Potential
Scientific publication is the most reliable means of publicizing the results of a European project. This ensures its dissemination and future sustainability because it increases the knowledge and effectiveness of the products offered.

Elements of innovation
The innovative nature of the publication will be its content as it is based on learning nuggets and open resources. Furthermore, it is the first publication of its kind, since the NOOC are tested over three years, at three different times, in 5 different languages and with the use of open, interactive and accessible resources.

WORK PLAN: February 2022 to January 2025 – ongoing process throughout the project lifespan and which will continue beyond it:

  1. From Febrery 2023 to December 24:
    • Data collection by all partners in each NOOC. It will be carried out during the two months after the completion of the iterations.
    • Data analysis provided by all partners. Each partner will analyze their results and the UNED will be in charge of studying the common data.
  2. January 25:
    • Paper elaboration.
    • The publication sending to a journal.