Result 3
Guide to good practices in flexible digital pedagogies

It is the result 3. The guide to good practices in flexible digital pedagogies is based on the objective results, a guide to good practices in flexible digital pedagogics will be developed.

This result is coordinated by Savoir*Devenir (France)

The aim is to reinforce the design and outreach of flexible teaching practices that harness the resilience of university institutions to different pedagogical scenarios and facilitate educational access to disadvantaged groups.

Output Description
It is a guide updated to current needs and situations, to implement and adapt the university education system to the digital sphere without abandoning the possibilities of classroom learning.

Target group: university faculty

Elements of innovation
The guide will bring together a detailed description of methodologies -connected and critical, collaborative and research, active, gamified and invested- as well as new forms, methods and possibilities for digital content creation. It will serve as a guide to launch a process of repurposing teacher planning to a flexible online model that responds to the demands of the digital society.

Impact and Transferability Potential
The publication will be the first that conforms to the requirements of the current moment and is expected to be a guide publication for any institution that wants to change its educational system.
The aim is to help teachers refocus and pivot their subjects to a flexible model. It will be multilingual and based on innovative methodologies developed around a new learning model.


  • At the end of the project, a guide of all the methodologies will be developed in line with the evaluations received from the participants and the teachers delivering the course.