NOOC 4: Inverted Methodologies


This NOOC is part of the training proposal of the Erasmus+ project “European network in D-flexible teaching (ENID-Teach)”, PROJECT NUMBER – 2021-1-ES01-KA220-HED-000027551, KA220-HED – Cooperation partnerships in higher education, coordinated by UNED. It is NOOC 4 of the training proposal.
This course will cover topics such as Inverted Methodologies, Flipped Classroom Implementation, Models and Strategies, Open educational resources (OER) and design your flipped classroom.


The main objective of the NOOC is training in the inverted teaching methodologies and flipped classroom model and instructional strategy designed in line with the approach Learning for All. 

Specific objectives are:

  1. Development of the critical and reflective capacity to use inverted (flipped) methodologies to ensure learning personalization as well as the transforming of the classroom into an inclusive and more dynamic and interactive space.
  2. Advance in designing and usage efficient combinations of flipped classroom models and strategies to support more engaging student-centred active learning.
  3. Explore the potential and use of digital technology and tools to create digital content that ease autonomous learning, contribute to a deeper understanding of topics, and increase students’ motivation.
  4. Improved expertise in using unconventional teaching approaches and online technology to ensure engaging educational experiences.
  5. Advance in using the potential of online communities and collaboration platforms for sharing content and expertise and cooperative work in the design of a teaching programs based on inverted methodologies.


There are no prerequisites. It is necessary for its realization the basic technological resources: computer and internet connection. This NOOC will be able in five languages: French, Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish.


University professors and other professors from different areas of education.

Beginning of the lessons


Course duration

1 month


English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese


Mariya Monova-Zheleva