NOOC 1: Connected and Critical Methodologies


The main goal of this project is to provide digital training to university lecturers around online teaching and engage them in building a distributed yet cohesive cooperation network for the exchange of good practices and digital transformation.

  • To train participants in the interpersonal and critical use of digital tools and social networks in educational scenarios
  • To master connected learning, connectivism, with a focus on hyperconnection, networking and collaboration
  • To appropriate methodologies for implementing connected and critical learning online and/or in class based on criteria for universal accessibility and design learning
  • To explore the uses and practices of technology in education in collaboration with colleagues, learners and educational engineers and other stakeholders
  • To develop critical and reflective thinking through the exploration of existing practices and the construction of individual and collaborative projects


There are no prerequisites. It is necessary for its realization the basic technological resources: computer and internet connection.


University professors and other professors from different areas of education.

Beginning of the lesson


Course duration

1 month


English, French


Divina Frau-Meigs