NOOC 2: Collaborative and Research Methodologies


The main objective of the project is to provide university teachers and teachers of any other order and level with an on-line refresher course on teaching methodologies and on the use of platforms and digital tools useful in the application of such methodologies.

This NOOC in particular deals with teaching and collaborative research and with the tools and resources useful for a teaching and research practice inspired by the collaborative model. To this end, a brief introduction to the theoretical and practical foundations of this methodology is envisaged, a study of the peculiarities of the digital environment, the meaning and potential associated with the concept of extended mind, and participatory or peer evaluation, in the hope that, if not all, some of these ideas may be useful in organizing your future courses.


The main objective of this NOOC2 is to provide a theoretical and practical update on collaborative teaching and research to be carried out in a digital environment or through digital aids and resources.

Specific objectives are:

  • To engage your interest about collaborative learning and research methodologies,
  • To invite you to reflect about the concept of distributed cognition and learning networks,
  • To guide you through some “digital experimentation” with different digital tools.
  • To reflect upon digital tools to be used in the evaluation process.


Only basic technological resources are required: a computer with updated programs and a good internet connection.


The course was designed as a refresher course for university teachers but is open to teachers of all levels.

Beginning of the lessons


Course duration

1 month


English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese


Renata Gambino